Pigeon Studios

Our games become your games!

About us

We are a small team of three people
working together to create fun games
for others to play.


Sysadmin, Engineer & Web Developer

With rich experience in back-end coding, server maintenance, system architecture, system security, electrical engineering, hardware and cryptography I make sure that everything behind the curtains runs as smoothly as possible.


Graphic Designer

I work on game developing and 3D modeling. After months and months of learning and doing things in Blender and Cinema 4D, I've found a way to contribute to our company using my creativity as fuel for game stories.


Game Developer & Artist

I started writing game code when I was 11, and I've continued to do it so far. My true passion is making games for someone to play. Short or long, horror or adventure - doesn't matter. I'm here to make something, and I'm here to make it good.

Upcoming Games

World War Bean

World War Bean is our first addition to our (we hope) grand collection. It's a competitive battle royale game in which you play as, you guessed it, beans! Here are some sneak peak screenshots.

Coming Soon

Contact Us

For the time being, we can only be contacted by email. More contact methods coming soon.